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scopeEye | USB Digital Microscope

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Welcome to Factor ONE USB Digital Microscope is an intelligent device that allows you to view, capture, record and measure micro objects live on your PC. Furthermore, can also capture still images and take accurate measurement, detailed analysis and documentation and record video (real-time and time lapsed).'s versatility ensures a flexible device for use in many applications; just plug in the device to your USB and it's ready to use in seconds. This, combined with the accompanying software application offers a perfect "turn-key" package. For more information (specifications, info) click here.

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  • Quality assurance.
  • PCB, inspection
  • Cutting tool inspection
  • Polymer surface inspection
  • Metallurgic inspection
  • Printing inspection
  • Schools
  • Paint inpspection applications
  • Textile inspection
  • Dermatologists
  • Skin inspection
  • Hair inspection
  • Insects
  • Wild life
  • Jewellery
  • Universities

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