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Product specifications
General info

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Install Flash Player digital microscope is an intelligent device that lets you view micro objects live on your PC, Furthermore you are able to capture still images, record time lapse videos and real-time video. The accompanying software enables you to take accurate measurement, detailed analysis and documentation of captured images.

For a visual demonstration of's features and functionality; click see Video footage of the device.


USB Digital Microscope USB digital microscope has been designed for professional users who need sharp picture quality as well as measurement functionality in a compact and intuitive package.
The measurement capability allows you to input the magnification rate reading from the microscope and take measurement on line and circle of the subject.

Application areas has a wide scope of applications such as:

    • Quality assurance.
    • Printed Circuit Board, PCB, inspection
    • Cutting tool inspection
    • Polymer surface inspection
    • Metallurgic inspection
    • Printing inspection
    • Textile inspection
    • Dermatologists
    • Skin inspection
    • Hair inspection
    • Insects
    • Wild life
    • Jewellery
    • Universities
    • Schools

Usage can be used with various stands, or simply hand-held. The various stands provided with offers up to 360 degrees of horizontal axis rotational perspective providing the ultimate support for the device. See our shop for more details of the stands provided with the device.
For ultimate flexibility the device can also be used "hand-held".


Ready to go is ready is seconds; simple plug-in the USB to your PC, boot the software and the device is ready for use. Use the device with either a stand or use it hand-held.

Conclusion a high resolution digital USB microscope providing detailed examination of any area you choose. The Software provides accurate measurement allowing detailed analysis and documentation of captured images. has 8 LED’s with an on/off feature for additional illumination as well as glare reduction.

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